Renew Your CARES® Dementia Specialist Credential (Half the time/50% discount)

Your HealthCare Interactive C.D.S. professional credential is valid for two years. Approximately six months before your expiration, we recommend that you begin the renewal process so that your credential does not expire. The renewal process exposes you to new CARES® program updates and allows you to see CARES content from a new point of view after implementing the strategies for the previous two-year period. This process of also allows you to enhance your knowledge, further your professional development, and continually improve your caregiving skills.

Renewal Requirements and Discount (Half the time/50% discount)

The C.D.S. renewal process:

  • Compete all 6 CARES programs
  • Complete only 20 minutes of each module (half the regular time required)
  • Take the C.D.S Credentialing Exam
  • Submit the C.D.S. renewal form for approval
  • Have your C.D.S. extended for an additional two-year period
The cost of renewal is $299.95 (a 50% savings)!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I work in a facility that has the CARES® Complete Catalog. Do I need to purchase the C.D.S. Renewal package?

No, you can complete the 20 minute per module requirement utilizing your organization’s complete catalog and then have your administrator contact us to purchase a $150 C.D.S. exam voucher. If you are paying for the voucher directly, please contact us.

2. How will I be notified of my upcoming renewal?

HealthCare Interactive will use email to contact you. It is the responsibility of C.D.S credential holders to maintain a current e-mail address on your account to ensure that renewal information will be received. Failure to do so may result in lapse in certification. It is recommended that you add support@hcinteractive.com to your safe senders list so make sure you receive our e-mails.

3. What happens if my C.D.S. credential lapses?

If your certification lapses 30 days past your expiration date and you have not purchased your renewal package, you will be required to take the entire C.D.S program and exam again to become re-certified.

4. How long do I have to complete my C.D.S renewal?

You will have 10 days to complete each of the CARES programs and can take as much time as you need to complete the course in that 10 day window. Begin with CARES® Dementia Basics, and then complete the other CARES courses in any order.

Purchase the C.D.S. Renewal Package

To purchase the C.D.S. renewal package, follow the directions in your automated C.D.S. expiration e-mail. If you no longer have the e-mail, please call us at (952) 928-7722, and we are happy to assist you with your purchase.