Cares - Dementia Basics

4 modules, 4 hours

CARES® Dementia Basics is our 4-hour beginning course. It is appropriate for family caregivers as well as professionals.

Cares - Dementia Advanced

6 modules, 6 hours

Once you complete CARES Dementia Basics, continue your learning with our 6-hour advanced course, CARES® Dementia Advanced Care.

Cares - Dementia-Related Behavior

4 modules, 4 hours

CARES® Dementia-Related Behavior is a 4-module program that focuses on the behavior of people with dementia that is hard to understand and difficult to respond to, like resisting care, swearing, repeating and calling out, hitting, and biting. You’ll learn thoughtful and effective ways to care for people with dementia when they are confused, frustrated, scared, or angry.

Activities of Daily Living

10 modules, 10 hours

CARES® Activities of Daily Living is a 10-module program that focuses on the specific changes in ADLs at the early, mid, late, and end stages of dementia and offers appropriate care strategies for bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, using the bathroom, and more.

Cares - Dementia-Related Behavior

5 modules, 5 hours

CARES® End-of-Life Dementia Care is a 5-module program that helps the care team—including the family—understand what is happening to a person with dementia at the end of life. The CARES® Approach equips caregivers with tools and strategies to approach end-of-life care with confidence.

Family Cares For Professionals

4 modules, 4 hours

CARES® Dementia Care for Families is a 4-hour program rich with activities and video interviews with family caregivers, people with dementia, and dementia experts. This program centers around the CARES® Approach and offers many practical strategies to common caregiving concerns.

Savvy DVD

8-hour program (2 hours each DVD)

Create a better life for your loved one with memory loss or dementia, and regain control of your own life with this award-winning 4-DVD set. In this classroom format, you’ll see real people sharing their caregiving concerns openly and honestly—concerns that affect just about every caregiver.

Savvy DVD En Espanol

Un programa de 8 horas con subtítulos en español (2 horas cada DVD)

Mejore la vida de su ser querido con pérdida de memoria o demencia, y gane nuevamente el control de su propia vida con esta serie de 4 videos en DVD (con subtítulos en español). En un formato de aula de clase, usted vera personas reales compartiendo sus preocupaciones en cuanto al cuidado de su familiar en forma abierta y honesta.

Savvy CD-ROM

6 modules, 2 hours

In each of The Savvy Caregiver DVD sessions, the instructor asks participants to complete an assignment on this "homework" CD-ROM. The Savvy Caregiver Homework CD-ROM can also be used by itself as a resource to better understand the stages of memory loss.

Savvy Caregiver Online

4 modules, 4 hours

The Savvy Caregiver™ Online is a 4-module program that lets you apply concepts from The Savvy Caregiver 4-DVD set. The material comes to life as you respond to situations, make choices, watch video clips, and become actively involved in the program.