Family Cares For Professionals

Here’s your chance to "test drive" the CARES® Dementia Care for Families program. Simply click on each button to experience a few of the many screens included in this program. Each screen will automatically play a demonstration, so sit back and enjoy the ride!
Family members and people with dementia openly and honestly share experiences that are symptoms they noticed in the early stages of dementia. It's often hard to understand changes you might notice, and hearing from others can be very helpful.
It can be confusing and worrisome to try to figure out if changes we notice are from dementia or just normal aging. The most common signs of dementia are presented here. Each sign, by itself, does not necessarily indicate dementia. But, the presence of several of these signs can indicate dementia.
This activity gives you practical ideas for making changes at home, so that the person with dementia can function more independently and feel less stressed or confused. It also explains how dementia affects the way a person understands or experiences the environment, so that you can apply these adjustments to other situations that might be happening at home.
Dementia will affect the way you and your family member communicate. Most of the time, the way you say something will impact how well your messages are understood and received. This section demonstrates two different ways of handling each of a variety of typical situations. This way, you can see how simple changes can impact communication as well as relationships.
Making a shift in roles, for example, as spouse to caregiver or as adult child to caregiver, can be difficult. In this activity, you'll hear some common caregiver concerns about changing roles and some insightful responses to those concerns.
In this video, people touched by dementia share their insights about living with the disease and enjoying life.

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